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Fri 5-Mar-2021 through Sun 7-Mar-2021"In The Hangar" studio recording
Ft. Worth, TX (more info)
Tue 13-Apr-2021 through Sun 18-Apr-2021Sun 'n Fun 2021
Lakeland, FL (more info)
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Recent news and blog articles:
  • Bonanza Instruction
    This month I completed the online training for the ABS Flight Instructor Academy, which is a first step towards accreditation in the BPPP program (Beechcraft Pilot Proficency Program), which I hope to achieve later this year. I have flown over 1,000 hours in my A36 Bonanza, and I look forward to helping other Bonanza owners […]
  • Back from Annual
    Just before the end of the year, N70TB was due for its annual inspection. As usual, I took the plane to Iowa Wing & Rotor in Vinton, IA (KVTI) where Mike Zenisek took good care of it, as usual. There were no issues with the engine and propeller, as you would expect from the brand-new […]
  • Happy New Year!
    2020 couldn’t be over soon enough – but not all was bad in 2020. A look back at some of the highlights shows 2020 was far from a normal year, which put the spotlight on a different things. Fewer cross countries meant more time for flight training, culminating in my flight instructor certificate. At the […]
  • CFI ➡ CFII
    Just before the end of the year, I accomplished a training and learning goal by adding an instrument rating to my flight instructor certificate. Commonly known as CFII, this allows me to prepare students for their instrument rating. I have been very passionate about instrument flying since I obtained my own instrument rating (as a […]
  • New “Radio Communication” Page Complete
    I finished work on a new page today with the goal of helping students become familiar with ATC radios communications. The information covers the typical dialog at towered airport with (Class C) and without (Class D) approach control, as well as the use of the CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency at non-towered airports, and a […]