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Fri 4-Dec-2020New video release
Thu 17-Dec-2020 at 6:00 PMThird Thursday Airport BBQ
Mason City, IA (more info)
Thu 21-Jan-2021 at 6:00 PMThird Thursday Airport BBQ
Mason City, IA (more info)
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Recent news and blog articles:
  • New “Radio Communication” Page Complete
    I finished work on a new page today with the goal of helping students become familiar with ATC radios communications. The information covers the typical dialog at towered airport with (Class C) and without (Class D) approach control, as well as the use of the CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency at non-towered airports, and a […]
  • Cirrus transition training complete
    After several flights, ground instruction and computer-based training on the Cirrus Approach website, I completed my transition training to the Entegra-equipped SR20. We wrapped it up this morning with a two-hour flight with Matt Gunderson, flight instructor extraordinaire and also a CSIP (Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot). It has been fun to get to know an […]
  • Martin on SuperAero Live
    This coming Wednesday, November 4th 2020, I’ll be the guest on Ryan Dembroski’s weekly show “SuperAero LIVE”. The show begins at 8:30 PM US Central time (Chicago). You can not just watch live on YouTube, but participate through comments and questions in the live chat. Link to the live stream
  • The new studio
    Exciting news – the new studio setup is up and running. (I was going to say complete instead of up and running, but then I realize that these projects are never complete and final.) If all goes to plan, you will see it in use for the first time this upcoming Wednesday, November 4, 2020. […]
  • A Cirrus? Really?
    Martin flies a Bonanza – everybody knows that, right? Well… First things first: I am not selling the Bonanza. It’s not going anywhere. It will remain my personal airplane. I am in transition training for a Cirrus SR20 because I joined a new flying club here in Cedar Rapids, Executive Aero Flight Club. Their Cirrus […]