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A Cirrus? Really?

Martin in front of N822GT

Martin flies a Bonanza – everybody knows that, right? Well…

First things first: I am not selling the Bonanza. It’s not going anywhere. It will remain my personal airplane.

I am in transition training for a Cirrus SR20 because I joined a new flying club here in Cedar Rapids, Executive Aero Flight Club. Their Cirrus is contently parked in the hangar immediately next to mine. Following my transition training, I will be one of the instructors in this club.

So what do I think about the Cirrus so far? It has a comfortable and roomy cabin, for sure. The side stick took less getting-used-to than I anticipated. The PFD, MFD and autopilot are fantastic – this is a G2 Cirrus with the Avidyne Entegra system, and an Avidyne DFC-90 autopilot – worlds better than my mechanical six-pack and ancient Century III. On the other hand, the audio panel (PS Engineering) and GPS/NAV/COMs (Avidyne) in my Bonanza are far better than what this Cirrus has today. The DFC-90 is world-class. Hand flying the Cirrus is easy, but not as much fun as hand-flying my Bonanza.

So if in the future you hear a familiar voice on the radio from N822GT, it may be me.


Dan Millican and Christy Wong

The Hosts of “In The Hangar” – PiAhB #6

Join us for the YouTube Premiere of the latest installment of Pilots in Airplanes having Breakfast (PiAhB) and live chat with Christy Wong and Dan Millican, the hosts of the popular aviation talk show “In The Hangar”.

Friday, October 30th 2020, 1:00 PM US Central

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