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Sun ‘n Fun

All indications are Sun ‘n Fun – only three weeks away at the time of this writing – is going to happen in 2021. I can’t wait – I will be there, and I will give forum presentations again this year, on two topics:

I. Making Sense of Lean of Peak and Mixture Management:

Wed. April 1411:00 AMCFAA-02
Thu. April 1511:00 AMCFAA-04
Fri. April 1611:00 AMCFAA-07
Sat. April 1711:00 AMCFAA-04

II. Making Better Flying Videos

Thu. April 1512:00 PMCFAA-04
Sat. April 1712:00 PMCFAA-04

Looking forward to seeing you in Lakeland!

General Information

Airplanes & Coffee

Yesterday I went to Airplanes and Coffee for the first time, a once-a-month event where everyone is invited to join for a cup of coffee and to drool over airplanes – trainers, warbirds, and in this case a beautiful L-39 owned by Chris L. who had his stunning jet on the ramp at Sulphur Springs, TX (KSLR). Chris created a fantastic video of his transition training for the L-39, which you can see here.