General Information

Oshkosh 2021

AirVenture 2021 is almost here. I can’t wait!

N70TB and I will be camping in the North 40 the entire week. After the very wet opening weekend of 2019, let’s cross our fingers for some nice and dry weather for this year.

I look forward to seeing new products, learning new things, watching the air show, and of course to meeting people. I give a few presentations over the course of the week:

Lean of Peak & Mixture Management

Not quite sure what the mixture knob is all about and how to use it properly? You’ve heard about lean-of-peak, but you don’t know if it’ll harm your engine? In this presentation, we will start from scratch and figure out how your mixture setting affects combustion, resulting in different horsepower, temperatures and pressures. You will see quickly that there is no magic here. Offered three times during the week:

Monday, July 26

10:00 AM

Forum Stage 04

Tuesday, July 27

9:00 AM

American Bonanza
Society (ABS) tent

Saturday, July 31

10:00 AM

Workshop Classroom A
Making Better Flying Videos

If you are curious about putting an action cam to use in the cockpit, come to this session where I will share some of the things I’ve learned over the years of making video.

Topics range from choosing the right camera and camera mount, to different viewing angles, to recording audio, to selecting music for your videos.

Wednesday, July 28

1:00 PM

Forum Stage 03