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The new studio

Exciting news – the new studio setup is up and running. (I was going to say complete instead of up and running, but then I realize that these projects are never complete and final.)

If all goes to plan, you will see it in use for the first time this upcoming Wednesday, November 4, 2020. I am going to be the guest on SuperAero’s live show that night, which starts at 8:30 PM US Central time (Chicago). Here is the channel’s LIVE playlist, and when the time comes (i.e. on Wednesday evening), you will see the link to the show posted there.

I will also use the studio for my own live events (Talk to Martin) in the future, and to record on-camera narration for my videos.

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Hi Martin! I stumbled upon your youtube channel while doing a random search for some aviation stuff–I love aviation and listening to ATC. I’m completely blind and just wanted to say that I love the videos that you’re doing. No, I can’t see the visual content, but I love how you explain stuff to the best of your ability, and how you capture the audio from the airplane and the ATC. I’m from the Chicago area and I thought it was super cool that you went out to DuPage airport, which is about 6 miles or so from my friend that I’m super close to. She’s not really into aviation, but she’s also blind and thought it was cool that you did that, too. Any chance you could come into Louis University, LOT? That’s the closest airport to me. Keep up the amazing work!

Hello Kevin,
I am fascinated by your message – I would have never guessed that a blind person would enjoy my videos. I have landed at Lewis once, this past summer, to meet a friend for lunch at a nearby golf course. I have been to several of the other Chicago area airports more frequently, such as DuPage as you mentioned, and also Bolingbrook Clow (I love the restaurant called Charlie’s on the field), Midway, and Schaumburg (home of another nice airport restaurant called Pilot Pete’s). I’ve also been to Gary once, and to Chicago Executive which was formerly known as Palwaukee.
I haven’t traveled much in the Bonanza this year, due to COVID and the fact that there is so little one can do these days at any destination. I miss it, and I hope next year things will get better and we can all enjoy being around people again without concern. I will certainly be back in the Chicago area, as me and my family love visiting the city.
Have you flown in in an airplane? My apologies if that sounds like a rude question, but not knowing your age or really anything else about you, I am curious.
Let’s stay in touch. Maybe we can meet sometime in the future when I’m back at Lewis with the Bonanza.
Take care!
– Martin

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