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New “Radio Communication” Page Complete

I finished work on a new page today with the goal of helping students become familiar with ATC radios communications. The information covers the typical dialog at towered airport with (Class C) and without (Class D) approach control, as well as the use of the CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency at non-towered airports, and a few other things useful to know.

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Hi Martin – great website and great youtube. On the support side of things, I would appreciate an alternative to Patreon – have you looked into offering donations through Donorbox? Just an idea! Thanks!

Hello, and thanks for the comment and suggestion. I don’t want to set up several similar services; having said that, for anyone wanting to make a one-time contribution without using Patreon, there is the possibility to do that using
Thank you for considering it.
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Martin, For updates to the page consider adding the phraseology of “line up and wait” since that is a hot item for mitigating runway incursions.