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Just before the end of the year, I accomplished a training and learning goal by adding an instrument rating to my flight instructor certificate. Commonly known as CFII, this allows me to prepare students for their instrument rating. I have been very passionate about instrument flying since I obtained my own instrument rating (as a Private Pilot Certificate add-on) in 1998, and I am excited to share what I have learned with others from here on.

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Congratulations Martin! Great accomplishment signifying a safe proficient professional pilot. You are great ambassador for GA.
Outstanding series on your trip to Colorado

Congratulations on your CFII! I have been watching ALL of your videos this last year vs. network TV! I earned my Inst endorsement to my Comm ASMEL back in 1974 but last logged flight was in 1980! Attended an Instrument ground school last year to get re-educated on procedures these last forty years! Your videos are so very enjoyable and extremely educational.
Thank you Martin.
Dave near KSJC & KRHV.

Thank you, Dave. I bet you find that a lot from 40 years ago is still applicable in the instrument environment today, while things like GPS and the iPad have very much changes how we fly and how we flight-plan.
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Martin, I enjoy your videos and am interested in your headset. It looks very light weight. I would like to know more about it.