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Sun ‘n Fun

All indications are Sun ‘n Fun – only three weeks away at the time of this writing – is going to happen in 2021. I can’t wait – I will be there, and I will give forum presentations again this year, on two topics:

I. Making Sense of Lean of Peak and Mixture Management:

Wed. April 1411:00 AMCFAA-02
Thu. April 1511:00 AMCFAA-04
Fri. April 1611:00 AMCFAA-07
Sat. April 1711:00 AMCFAA-04

II. Making Better Flying Videos

Thu. April 1512:00 PMCFAA-04
Sat. April 1712:00 PMCFAA-04

Looking forward to seeing you in Lakeland!

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Hello Martin
I just missed you in KECP Monday. I departed at 10:53. I would have enjoyed saying HI. I watch your videos and have really enjoyed them. Hope to see you on Saturday. How’s the easiest way to find you?

Hello Robert, the easiest way to find me will be at one of my forum presentations in the CFAA building.
My Bonanza is in GAC, but I’m not there much during the day.
Looking forward to meeting you!

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