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Sun ‘n Fun is in the books!

Sun ‘n Fun 2021 is a wrap – and the biggest news is probably that the fly-in and expo actually happened this year. Yours truly was in Lakeland the entire week, and I witnessed first hand how say after day attendance increased, leading to a record crowd on Saturday.

Now I am in the process of turning the approximately 4.5 terabytes of video footage I captured into a few videos from the week. The first one is out on YouTube; a new one will follow every day (or every other day) from here on, before I return to my “regular programming”.

It was nice to see many fans and subscribers, and even a few patrons of the channel in Lakeland. To me, aviation is as much about people as it is about airplanes, and there is no better way to experience this than at these fly-ins.

Now I have less than 100 days to pack for AirVenture 2021 – hope to see you there!