Flight Training

By Martin Pauly ✈ September 22, 2021

I am a certified flight instructor (CFI/CFII) for single-engine aircraft, providing primary flight training towards your initial pilot certificate and advanced certificates and ratings, and also specializing in the following areas:

  • Instrument training
    For many pilots, the natural next stepping stone after obtaining the private pilot certificate is the instrument rating. Having flown light GA aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR) across much of the United States for over 20 years, I am happy to pass on what I have learned to my students.
  • BPPP – Beechcraft Pilot Proficiency Program
    The American Bonanza Society (ABS) provides standardized type training in Bonanzas. As a BPPP-accredited flight instructor, I can provide the flight training for the BPPP BEST and BPPP Focus training programs.
  • Bonanza transition training
    Are you new to the Bonanza? Does your insurance require transition training? As an BPPP-accredited instructor (American Bonanza Society) with over a 1,000 hours in the Bonanza, I know what’s important and how to help you get proficient and confident in your new airplane.
  • Cross-country flying
    You feel comfortable in the pattern and in the practice area, but the thought of flying 500 or even 1,000 miles to a fun destination is intimidating? Let me help you, either through joint flight planning and weather briefings, or let me join you on that flight and turn that long cross-country into a fun learning experience.
  • Engine management
    Wondering what all the numbers on your engine monitor are telling you? Worried about damaging your high-performance engine by mismanaging it? I can help you. As a graduate of the APS Masters class, I have a solid understanding of aircraft piston engine operation and mixture management. And I can explain to you, in meaningful terms, in your airplane. See my LOP video as an example of what you can learn from me.
  • Mastering busy airspace and large airports
    Depending on where you trained and where you have flown, the thought of flying in busy airspace may be intimidating. Let me help you take the fear out of this, and turn it into a rewarding flight. If you’d like to experience the view of the Chicago skyline from over the lake shore, or land at ATL, the world’s busiest airport? I can help you with all of the above, and make it a fun experience.

Training Location and Aircraft

I can train with you in your aircraft, or in the Cirrus SR20 of Executive Aero Flight Club in Cedar Rapids, IA (KCID).

N822GT, a Cirrus SR20 owned by Executive Aero Flight Club (KCID)

For availability and rates, please contact me here: