Meet the Bonanza

By Martin Pauly ✈ November 14, 2020

You have seen Martin’s Bonanza in his videos – here you can learn more.

Registration number: N70TB
Serial number: E1289
Manufacturer: Beechcraft (today part of Textron Aviation)
Length: 27’6″. Width: 33’6″
Wing area: 181.0 square feet
Number of seats: 6
Typical cruise speed (true air speed): 167 knots – 192 mph – 309 km/h
Empty weight: 2,369 lbs
Maximum take-off weight: 3,700 lbs
Engine: Continental Motors IO-550B, 300 HP
Propeller: Hartzell Scimitar

Avionics and Instrument Panel

The main flight instruments are traditional, to avoid saying old. Steam gauges is what they are also called. They work mechanically, as opposed to the more modern electronic flight instrumentation systems (EFIS).