Patreon & Store

By Martin Pauly ✈ October 31, 2020

How you can support my work

Thank you for looking at this page – the fact that you are here means you want to help me make more videos and grow the channel. And fortunately there are three ways to do that. One that is available to anyone, which is very effective without costing any money, is this: help increase the viewership of the channel. You can do that by telling your friends about videos you like, by posting links to them on social media or aviation-themed websites, and by encouraging your friends to subscribe to my channel. Hitting LIKE and posting comments on videos also helps.

Second: It does cost money to make videos, and for those of you who would like to make a monetary contribution and help me with the creation of future videos, here is a way you can do that. Think of it as a tip jar – you are not paying for early access or extra material – all of this will remain available for free – but you are making a direct contribution to the creation of more videos for education, training, and entertainment. And if that is something you feel good about, I appreciate your help through Patreon.

And third: You can order N70TB-themed merchandise from the Teespring web store. A portion of the sales price goes directly into the creation of new video content for the channel – and you get a nice item to show your support.

Whichever way you choose to help: Thank you. I appreciate your support, and it makes a difference.