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AirVenture 2023

AirVenture 2023 is almost here, and I can’t wait to be in Oshkosh again! Here is a list of activities and presentations – if you’d like to get together during the show, those are easy places to find me:

Sunday PM – bicycle ride to Fisk

Monday 10:00AM – Lean of Peak & Mixture Management (EAA Forum Stage 4)

Monday 2:30PM – Meet & Greet with various YouTubers (Forum Stage 9)

Tuesday 11:00AM – Engine Management and Mixture Control (ABS Tent)

Tuesday 4:00PM – Take Your Passion and Change The World (AOPA Pavillion)

Tuesday night – ABS Dinner (Brighton Acres)

Thursday 11:30AM – Small Airplanes at Large Airports (EAA Workshop Classroom C)

Thursday 2:00PM – Meet & Greet at the Aspen Avionics booth (exhibit hangars)

Just before AirVenture I’ll be in Mason City, IA (KMCW) on Thursday July 20 for the wonderful Third Thursday BBQ hosted by Doug Rozendaal – always a treat, but especially so leading up to Oshkosh. If you’ve never been, this would make a great stop on the trip to Wisconsin. The grills get fired up at 6:00 PM.

See you in Oshkosh!

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I attended your leaning talk at 2022 Sun n Fun and enjoy your postings.

You did a great story on the 2021 Cessnas 2 Oshkosh mass arrival, a gaggle of 115 in a rather loose formation.

You probably know that this years arrival is limited to 50 planes at 100 kts, element spacing reduced from 15 seconds to 9 seconds. I am one of three Canadians in this arrival and our May training in Olympia WA with repeat C2O pilots showed great promise.

I was wondering if anybody is going to video this years arrival if you are not, and if the arrival improvements warranted it would make a nice sequel or add on to your previous story.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Bernie Bartko
780 903-9091

Hi Bernie,

I remember flying with the C2OSH group in 2021 – it was a fun event! I had heard that the number of Cessnas will be smaller this year, but I have not heard why. Is there less interest, or did EAA cap the number of aircraft?

I am not planning on recording any of the mass arrivals this year – I don’t even know where exactly I’ll be when the C2OSH group arrives (might still be on the way to Oshkosh).

Have a fun and safe flight, and maybe I’ll see you at AirVenture!

– Martin