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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my YouTube channnel!

Ten years ago today, this first public video of a flight to Chicago O’Hare with my friend Rob Myhlhousen started it all. 10 years and 210 videos later – how many of you have been watching the channel from the beginning (or close to it)?

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thank you for allowing me to ride along martin -I live in washington iowa (AWG) I have owned 4 bonanzas and a cessna 310 so a couple thousand hours–I love the bonanzas and the panel in your bonanza is great–beautiful equip for IFR– mike sauser -last bonanza was 1566Z-Pmodel-hope to meet you sometime–

Thanks for the note, Mike. Are you still an active pilot? If so, maybe join the monthly BBQ in Mason City sometime (every third Thursday of the month, starting 6:00PM). I’m there whenever I can.

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